Plug In Digital will distribute Citrouille

We just signed a contract with Plug In Digital to distribute Citrouille!

Thanks to their expertise, we will be able to reach more platforms and players than we could have by ourselves. Unfortunately, that means we have to delay the release of the game. No new date has been set yet.

We’re going to use this extra time to address the feedbacks we received. We are currently working on a better tutorial and a world selection menu. We’re confident this will make the experience better for our players. Details shall follow shortly.

Citrouille Trailer

Citrouille has a trailer! This is still a first draft as some information are missing, but it’s pretty close to final.

Our first game

Citrouille is a modern spin on old arcade classics featuring modern graphics and an old school difficulty. Play alone or cooperate with a friend to beat the story mode, settle the score in versus up to 4 players and claim the sweets you deserve!

You can follow our progress on our TigSource devlog or by subscribing to social networks using the links bellow.